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Was yea ra wael yorr uteu enw fernia...

...en sorr quen art ftt omnis crudea.

Was nyasri ga hieg yorra guaysu art crudea en rakl


August 17th, 2009

Um, yeah, there aren't as many as there actually really are, so...here's part one and once I upload the other ones, you'll get them? :D I hope you can tell how upset I am by the fact that the rest of the are, like, not here. D:

Hana to Akuma [17]
Pandora Hearts [21]

EDIT: Number 27's base is to be credited to dreamer1789 -- I hadn't realized that someone else made the base that I had found on photobucket.  So, am immediate sorry to them. 

私は日本語を話す。Collapse )

July 25th, 2009

I was supposed to update last night, but...problems.  So here's this/these.  More than last time as an apology...and a table within a table... xD

Spiral [50]
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie [5]
xxxHolic [10]
Jigoku Shoujo [8]


This cut is failing--everywhere...Collapse )</div>
Rules: Once again, I don't really care what you do with them as long as you credit (don't mind the table within the table either--I seem to have screwed up once again).  Comment if you take one...and that's it.

July 21st, 2009

I don't know it happened, but it turns out that there are more Spiral...

Spiral [16]
xxxHolic [4]


Two setsCollapse )
Rules: I don't care what you do with them as long as you credit.  Comment if you use them--and that's all.  And yes, there was supposed to be text on a few of these, but as it turns out, my laptop is very, um, squirrely.

All right.  Here's the gist of things right now as they are standing.

This comm is officially open for business.  Originally, Yaiba made it so that only she and I can post things here.  So, that's her or I--er, posting, I mean..

Right.  This is where I should be asking for affiliates or what not, right?  Whether it be a fic journal or a graphics journal (or fic/graphics community), we will affiliate it.  Well, I will at least.  Yaiba'd break everything.

None the less...you'll find my graphics here and probably anything Yaiba and I co-write.  But it's rare for us to put any of our fics up, so--yeah.

Have fun, then.

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